Please Excuse the Mess

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This is going to be a work in progress that will hopefully improve over time. I want to emphasize how important something like accessibility is to me as a colorblind person.

The primary pages that I want to have on this site include but are not limited to:

Specific things I want to learn how to do in HTML for the purposes of this site:

I'm going to leave in the examples of both bold and italic text for now so my dumb ass doesn't forget.

As a motivational tool, I will leave Ghoulish here to cheer me on.

A plush white ghost with pumpkins printed on its fabric. It has an orange ribbon around its neck and a red heart tag with the letters TY on its left arm.

The itinerary going forward:

Thank you for your patience as I slowly take on more difficult aspects of this site, and thank you for visiting!